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Game Recap – Skyview 31 Camas 10 | Greater St. Helens League Football

Game Recap – Skyview 31 Camas 10

Written by Bryan Levesque on September 24, 2011

In what was labeled “the game of the year” in the Greater St. Helens League, Skyview put on a second half clinic as they took a 10-10 halftime tie and turned it into a 31-10 victory. The Storm scored on their first three offensive possessions of the second half as RB Parker Henry took over the game. Henry had hard runs on each drive and capped off the first two with touchdown runs of 1 and 2 yards. Storm QB Kieran McDonagh hit WR Reiley Henderson from 20 yards out early in the forth quarter to put the nail in to coffin. Skyview struck first as McDonagh hit WR David Garlington on a simple out route which Garlington took up the sidelines and into the end zone for a 57 yard score. Camas answered later in the half when QB Tony Gennaro hit WR Jonathan Warner from 14 yards out. Henry ran for 177 yards in the game and McDoonagh threw for 247. Camas QB Gennaro passed for 233 in the loss and Papermakers WR Zach Eagle had 7 catches for 130 yards.

Skyview improves their record to 2-2 on the season with the win. The Storm will play Lincoln of Portland (2-1-1) Friday at Roosevelt High School, 7:00 p.m. Camas falls to 3-1 on the season with the loss. The Papermakers will host Prairie (2-2) Friday at Doc Harris Stadium, 7:00 p.m.

Experts Picks

Bryan – Camas X
Mike – Camas X
Cody – Skyview √
Josh – Camas X
wsumj – Camas X
Coin flip – Camas X

Skyview photographer Dave Scott’s game pictures

View all of Daves’s photos from the Skyview v Camas game.

Watch video with Vimeo

Read more – The Columbian

Camas Papermakers


Skyview Storm


first quarter

Sky – David Garlington 57 pass from Kieran McDonaagh (Hayden Schuh kick)
Cam – 38 FG

second quarter

Sky – Schuh 32 FG
Cam – Jonathan Warner 14 pass from Tony Gennaro (kick good)

third quarter

Sky – Parker Henry 2 run (Schuh kick)
Sky – Henry 1 run (Schuh kick)

forth quarter

Sky – Reiley Henderson 20 pass from McDonagh (Schuh kick)

Individual statistics

Rushing — Camas: Zack Marshall 14-86, Gennaro 8-11, Nate Beasley 2-2. Skyview: Henry 25-177, McDonagh 8-58, Alex Mangin 2-9, Forrest Russell 1-(-2), C.J. Vernon 1-(-4).

Passing — Camas; Gennaro 20-31-2-233, Marshall 1-1-0-10. Skyview: McDonagh 15-21-0-247.

Receiving — Camas: Zach Eagle 7-130, Warner 5-47, John Norcross 3-34, Chris Galusha 1-15, Gennaro 1-10, Marshall 3-7, Kamari Brown 1-0. Skyview: Garlington 4-107, Henderson 4-51, Russell 4-35, Spencer Miles 1-25, Mo Morrison 1-18, Henry 1-11.

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17 Responses to “Game Recap – Skyview 31 Camas 10”

  1. Ketto on September 24th, 2011 2:09 pm

    How many turnovers did Camas have last night? Anyone keep track?

  2. justwatching on September 24th, 2011 3:19 pm

    3 or 4 i think.

  3. That guy on September 24th, 2011 5:23 pm

    Gotta say, I picked Camas and I could never be so wrong. WELCOME BACK TO EARTH CAMAS. Skyview has certainly claimed their spot back as the GSHL supreme. To me it seems camas’s D wasn’t as tough this week and the offense just lacked the ability to sustain drives. I still think Skyview should let McDonagh sling the ball around a little more but hey, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    Both these teams are very good though. Both will play tough in post season play. (Even though 3A playoffs dont really mean anything because Bellevue is 3A) Lol.

  4. Scrapper on September 24th, 2011 6:20 pm

    I really dont think Camas is bad at all. Parker Henry is just a dominant running back and proved that against the Camas D. And McDonagh’s scrabling kept Camas on their heels and converted many 3rd downs. Skyview deserved the W. With that being said, the refs played too much of a part in the game, which isnt fair to the teams. Especially Camas. Ghost holdings and ghost false starts that wouldnt be whistled dead before the play, like the rule says. On 3 occasions did they let the play go and then called it back on a false start. Also the first game ive seen a ref get on his hands and knees to get close enough to see if the nose of the ball was at the sticks. And of course Camas didnt get that call either. Bring on the hate…

  5. HiLife on September 24th, 2011 6:26 pm

    10:50 Thats a big time play Mr. Henry, keep leading by example like you always have.

    Bryan no disrespect but please realize Steve Kizer is a scheduling genius. No matter what the outcome of the first two games Skyview has and will continue to dominate the clark county area. To much talent, to much heart, and to good of coaching to ever let someone tell them they cant. Storm born storm bred be a storm till Im dead. NBSC 2011, go get it boys.

    Um yessir 😉

  6. gshltruth on September 24th, 2011 6:27 pm

    So what we have learned this weekend is that the gshl is not what we thought it was again this year. Many had Skyview picked to win a state title (they are clearly our best), and they got beat very well by a 5A Or school (our 3A). And really well by an Idaho school (good school, but a state with 13 total schools in the largest division. Union is getting better and will play Skyview tough, but all in all we are just not at a level to compete with other areas.

  7. NoCal Homer on September 24th, 2011 6:49 pm

    After watching the video it appears that Skyview “forced” those turnover by making plays on that ball…great team effort by the Storm they played inspired football. Parker Henry looks better than last year and the ability to run will enhance the pass…they’re starting to look pretty tough after that rough start

  8. Victory on September 24th, 2011 7:54 pm

    For the last five years Camas could not win the big games, i guess the reason is poor Refs!

  9. dougie on September 24th, 2011 8:00 pm

    31 points in one game isn’t exactly good defense, let alone the shut down, in your face, no ones scoring on us this year defense that we heard all about in the preseason.

  10. Storm from EWU on September 24th, 2011 9:18 pm

    Really? do we have to have the bitter qualifications for the loss “gshltruth”? Obviously since Skyview won then the only logical conclusion is that the GSHL just isn’t any good… Really? Its hard enough for our teams to get any respect from the rest of the state, do us a favor and don’t bother getting on here to disrespect every team in the entire league as well as two quality programs from our neighbors. Bellevue is a 3A team and multiple time state champion, commonly respected as one of the top programs in the state, it doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that Sherwood could be equivalent to a 3A team and still be good or great. On top of that your argument with respect to CD’A is a complete fallacy. You say they are a good school… then make a qualification saying ‘but there are only 13 teams in their division. The number of teams in a school’s division has no bearing on a school’s potential. It is possible that the quality of a states football teams could be correlated with the number of teams, but the quality cannot be DETERMINED by it. It would be like saying only athletes from the US China and Russia can qualify for the olympics, sure the soccer team from cuba is good… but they only have fewer teams than Brazil so there is no way they could ever be good enough to matter. If you are going to disrespect EVERYBODY in the area at least do it with a semi intelligent argument. We have some good football teams down here and we should be supporting them, not tearing them down.

    I was at Doc Harris the other week for Camas/MV. Y’all have a great team and there is no question that the papermakers will rebound next week and still have a great season and I look forward to seeing them push into the playoffs. (Saw Zach Marshall at the EWU game tonight, thought it was kinda cool)

    Congratulations Storm on a much needed victory in convincing fashion. Take the momentum into Lincoln next week!

  11. gshltruth on September 24th, 2011 9:33 pm

    Storm from EWU –
    You seem a little defensive. The fact is that tthe league is down. We built skyview up in the preseason to be a superpower and they are not. To speak in your language- its like living in greenland- you see you think you got a great soccer team in greenland, but when they go to the world cup you can’t figure out why they don’t win. I can tell you why we are not that good. Not a knock on your beloved skyview- best team in the area but that does not make them great everywhere else. No disrespect just speaking the truth- and please don’t mention bellevue in the same breath with our teams as if we are in the same class.

  12. Bryan Levesque on September 24th, 2011 10:10 pm

    All of the soccer talk NEEDS to stop. This is NOT a soccer website, and I will not put up with it. If you can’t come up with something else to compare our teams to, than don’t leave a comment. I will not stand for reading comments that mention soccer. I will simply delete them in the future. You all have been warned.

  13. ChrisH on September 25th, 2011 12:25 am

    gshl truth, i don’t think Storm from EWU’s comment put anyone from the GSHL into the same category as Bellevue. He said that we shouldn’t disregard Sherwood just because they are 3A., and to consider the fact that Bellevue is 3A and is still the top overall team in the state of Washington. I think that the difference in talent between 3A and 4A is pretty close at the very top. On the average year, the top 10 4A teams will be overall better than the top 10 3A teams, but I think at times there can be 2 or 3 or 4 3A teams that are equal to if not better than the top 4A school. Remember that the only distinction between 4A and 3A is the total number of students to draw from. That doesn’t gaurantee that a 4A school will have more players turn out or that they will be better in any way. For example, Battle Ground has one of the highest enrollments in the state, but because of religious restrictions on a good chunk of the student body there are actually far less students to draw from than their enrollment sugests.

    As far as the CD’A game. I think CD’A is a really good football team. I think Skyview just played a poor game after a long trip. I don’t think they would have beat CD’A no matter where they played. but I do think the game would have been closer if Skyview was playing their best. But then again, the fact that Skyview wasn’t able to bring 100% is a knock on them. I still think this team has a great offense and can score aginst anyone. I’m still worried about the defensice secondary. the front 7 limited Sherwood from running the football too much. And had Zach Marshall in check minus one big play late in the game. I think Reilly Henderson being a starting CB is a great move by Skyview. He’s easily one of your top athletes. I was a little bit surprised at how little defense he played in the first few games. I think a few more weeks practicing and in getting work done in games will improve him as well as the rest of the secondary. By the time Skyview faces Union, I think a lot of these issues will be ironed out. Union is flying under the radar a bit, but if they get their guys healthy that will be a very tough game. Skyview should have little trouble in their next 4 games before week 9 against Union. I expect another huge crowd at Kiggins and another mental and physical battle.

  14. Storm from EWU on September 25th, 2011 3:18 am

    I don’t care if a fan knocks Skyview, it’s gonna happen. My problem is that you aren’t supporting anyone. How can you say OUR teams when you appear to have such disdain for all of the local teams.

    I can’t wait for playoffs… Of course I heard the WIAA just made the decision not to give the GSHL any playoff spots. “why give them a spot in the playoffs when the other leagues are better than them anyway.”

    In other news, the GSHL is disbanding after this season. There is no point in even playing the game, since Bellevue will always be better.

  15. Storm from EWU on September 25th, 2011 3:20 am

    ChrisH, I think you understood what I meant and I totally agree with your assessment.

  16. bob barlow on September 27th, 2011 7:01 pm

    the camas skyview game was a match up between two teams that in my oppinion after watching tape are basicaly evenly matched. one team came ready to play and for some reason the other one did not. as for the gshl league itself,having been in and around it for about 25 years,i think its been by far the best it has ever been. i remember when it was the laughing stock of the state. we should all be proud of the job they are doing.us as far as the cda skyview game is concerned, i saw the game cda is that good.us they have 3 bonified division one players and several other college players.us last week they beat a team from california 55 to 13 in the kibbie dome…. those top idaho teams play all over the west. so lets be carefull what we say about other schools unless we know what were talking about. great game skyview and camas you need to come to play every week

  17. tiny76 on September 28th, 2011 1:58 pm


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