Gutsy Lakes Converts 2 4th Down Plays In Overtime To Beat Camas 27-24

Written by Bryan Levesque on November 20, 2010

The Camas Papermakers never trailed the visiting Lakes Lancers, that is until the final play of the game in Overtime.

On a 4th and goal form the 5, Lakes coach Dave Miller went for the win. He got it.

Lakes RB Levonte Littlejohn sprinted 5 yards to the right and scored his 3rd rushing touchdown of the night sending the Lancers to the Tacoma Dome where they will meet the Bellevue Wolverines in the WIAA 3A Semifinals.

The game started out with 3 consecutive punts as 2 of the top 3A teams in the state (Camas ranked #3, Lakes ranked #6) felt each other out.

On the Papermakers second drive, things started to click and Addison Owen found his power runner shoes. Owen had several big runs on the 9 play 58 yard drive, that QB Tony Gennaro capped off with a 1 yard quarterback sneak. With 2:43 left in the opening quarter Camas led 7-0.

Lakes and Camas then each turned the ball over on downs.

On the Lancers first play after Camas could not pick up a first down at the Lakes 34, we saw our first flash of how good Littlejohn was. The Lakes RB busted past the line and riped off a nice 26 yard run, however he fumbled the football and Camas recovered it at their 40.

Following a Camas 3 and out, Lakes went 77 yards in 5 plays using less than 2 minutes of game clock, and tied the game with FB Artem Petryakov powered his way in from 3 yards out.

Camas with a very nice 10 play 67 yard drive eating up 4:44 of the clock and going back up 14-7 when Gennaro hit WR Jonathan Warner on a beautiful fade pass in the left corner of the end zone.

Lakes once again took no time to move down the field. After returning the kickoff to the 40, Lancers QB Cedric Dozier ran 55 yards on the first snap down to the Camas 5. 2 plays later Dozier flipped the option pitch to Littlejohn for the 4 yard touchdown run, tying the game at 14. The drive only took 48 seconds to go 60 yards in 3 plays.

On the Papermakers second drive of the 3rd quarter, they put together their best drive of the night, going 93 yards in 9 plays. Gennaro hit Jeremy Faulkner for a 26 yard pass, then hit Kyle Ervin for 8 more. Addison Owen had several 5+ yard runs as well. Tony Gennaro ran 15 yards down to the Lakes 2, setting up Owen’s 1 yard touchdown in which he dove up and over the line and in for the score. The 4:10 second drive left Camas up once more, now at 21-14 with 4:40 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Lakes however once again had an answer. Littlejohn had runs of 8,25,3,23 and finally 2 yards on the 8 play 72 yard drive to tie the game at 21 with 1:54 left in the 3rd.

Early in the 4th it looked like Lakes might take their first lead of the game when the Lancers drove 58 yards down to the Camas 27, however on 4th and 10 Dozier ran up the middle and only got 9.

With 6:19 remaining in regulaion, Camas went on a potential game winning drive. Addison Owen picked up a 4th and 1, then 2 plays later ran 37 yards down to the Lakes 14. The drive stalled at the 8 and Roldan Alcobendas missed a 26 yard field goal with 2:20 left in the game, ending a 10 play 64 yard drive.

Lakes then used up the final 2:20 driving 69 yards down to the Camas 11 and with 3 seconds left in the game, Bo Wittig missed a 28 yard field goal forcing overtime.

Camas had the ball first, and after a couple of Owen runs got them down to the 19, Alcobendas hit the 36 yard field goal to put Camas up 24-21.

That’s when Lakes took over. Lavonte Littlejohn lost 3 yards on their first play, then gained 7. On 3rd down, Littlejohn ran down to the 15. On 4th and 5 Lakes went for it, and Littlejohn delivered a 13 yard run down to the Camas 2. After 2 attempts to punch it in up the middle, Camas stopped the big FB Petryakov both times, setting up a 3rd and goal at the 1. Lakes was then called for a false start, backing up the Lancers to the 6. Littlejohn only picked up a yard on 3rd down setting up the 4th and goal from the 5. That’s when Lakes again went for the win and Littlejohn ran right and found the end zone and the Lakes win.

Lavonte Littlejohn finished the game with 260 yards rushing on 30 carries and 3 touchdowns. QB Cedric Dozier ran for 152 yards on 21 carries.

Addison Owen finished the game with 166 rushing yards on 30 carries and Tony Gennaro was 17 of 25 for 167 yards and the 1 touchdown. Jeremy Faulkner had 8 catches for 108 yards and made several clutch catches in the game.

Camas falls to 11-1 on the season with the loss. Thats the 2nd time in 6 years that Lakes has come down to Camas and defeated an undefeated Camas Papermakers team in the playoffs. In 2005 Camas was 10-0 when they lost to Lakes 20-3 in the first round of the playoffs.

Experts Picks

Bryan – Camas x
Mike – Camas x
Cody – Camas x

Read more – The Columbian

Lakes Lancers

Camas Papermakers

first quarter

CAM – Tony Gennaro 1 run (Roldan Alcobendas kick)

second quarter

LAK – Artem Petryakov 3 run (Bo Wittig kick)
CAM – Jonathan Warner 10 pass from Gennaro (Alcobendas kick)
LAK – Lavonte Littlejohn 4 run (Wittig kick)

third quarter

CAM – Addison Owen 1 run (Alcobendas kick)
LAK – Littlejohn 2 run (Wittig kick)


CAM – Roldan Alcobendas 36 FG
LAK – Littlejohn 5 run (no kick)


Rushing — Lakes: Littlejohn 30-260, Cedric Dozier 21-152. Camas: Owen 30-166, Gennaro 9-56.

Passing — Lakes: Dozier 2-4-0-3. Camas: Gennaro 17-25-1-167.

Receiving — Lakes: Cedric Turner 1-8, Ashten Agor 1-(minus-5). Camas: Faulkner 8-108, Owen 4-27, Miguel Salamanca 3-15, Warner 1-10, Kyle Ervin 1-7.

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32 Responses to “Gutsy Lakes Converts 2 4th Down Plays In Overtime To Beat Camas 27-24”

  1. GSHL all the way! on November 20th, 2010 8:24 am

    Wow great game! Very equally matched football teams in my oppinion! C

  2. GSHL all the way! on November 20th, 2010 8:24 am

    What was the reason for no Zak Marshall?

  3. willy on November 20th, 2010 9:04 am

    How bout them Monachs?!

  4. NWRainsRHere on November 20th, 2010 10:24 am

    No mention of Lakes’ O-Line, but they must have been pretty good! I’m kind of amazed at how close the score was with Lakes picking up 436 rushing yards, but congrats to the Papermakers on a great season – one your players and fans won’t forget!

  5. UnionFAN on November 20th, 2010 11:13 am

    Unbelievable game! Congrats to Camas for a great season.

  6. BC on November 20th, 2010 11:35 am

    Great game indeed. Alas that in the end, Camas’s habit of committing mental error penalties finally caught up with them. While they were able to overcome at least one dead ball personal foul early in the game, two procedure calls in the red zone on their final drive may very well have cost them the game.

    During the season, these kinds of mistakes weren’t fatal — a tribute to an amazingly talented Camas team. But Lakes was a team with the skill and drive to exploit unforced errors, and in the end, Camas gave them one too many opportunities.

    This won’t be a popular sentiment but the Camas staff needs to take a hard look at itself, as these kinds of mistakes come down to coaching failures. The players have the talent and the passion, but the coaches need to teach the discipline to not make these kinds of mistakes.

    Still, a great season for a team with a lot of heart.

  7. snake on November 20th, 2010 2:00 pm

    I would love to hear the lakes coach thoughts on the 4th and 6 call. there are not many who would make than call rather than the FG. If they had not gotten the TD, wow, would the arm chair QB’s have something to talk about. crazy call with the season on the line.

  8. Bryan Levesque on November 20th, 2010 3:29 pm

    Editing the Camas/Lakes video now. Watched the punt in the 2nd quarter, It did NOT make contact with the Lakes player, good call by the ref. again, I don’t say that much. Also, wow, Kamari Brown’s leg went the WRONG way on the Littlejohn fumble, I hope he is doing well. It looked BAD!

  9. K. Olsen on November 20th, 2010 4:06 pm

    You do such a good job with this website, Bryan…you’re my “go to” place when I want news about football!!! Great season GSHL teams..hate to see it end. Bryan, if you find out anything about Kamari Brown”s injury, will you post it? Thanks. That was a horrible sight…hope he’s ok.

  10. hardhitter on November 20th, 2010 4:23 pm

    Pretty sure that was Javon Ingram….if you are talking about #34,,,,,,,great kid
    Kamari wears #32…
    Thanks Brian again for your great work….you do sooooooooooo much for everyone…all the teams…..

    Camas you have nothing to be ashamed of…Best team ever to put on the Red and Black….first glass gentlemen….3,45 GPA average? Ill put that up against any highschool team on this planet….You all have so much to be proud of..congrats…

  11. Bryan Levesque on November 20th, 2010 4:44 pm

    Ingram (#34) was the player taken off the field, I was told last night that he “only” had a concussion, much better than any other injury. The play I was talking about was Brown (#32) it looked very bad, but he played later in the game and looked well. Tough kid!

  12. Camtown on November 20th, 2010 4:47 pm

    At least it wasn’t Union this time.

  13. KingCoRep on November 20th, 2010 5:04 pm

    Caught most of us up here by Surprise! Camas should be proud of what they accomplished this season! And strive for more next! The dome would have been rockin with Camas Crazies next friday, we were really looking forward to it.
    3.45GPA, and one heck of a hard-nosed football team. Camas represented the GSHL very well!

  14. greater saint on November 20th, 2010 7:22 pm

    hey Bryan question what was camas and lakes ranked back in 2005

  15. Navy Seal on November 20th, 2010 7:24 pm

    Great season Camas. Sorry you did not get to experience the Dome. There’s always next year. Your success this season really does solidify how good Union was to make it there two years in a row recently. Say what you want but you now realize how good those Union teams were. Anyway, something to shoot for. Looking forward to watching you guys again next year.

  16. victory on November 20th, 2010 7:40 pm

    Navy Seal, I hope you are for real. If not you should find another tag.I would hate to see another name on the US Navy Seal wall of shame.

  17. Bryan Levesque on November 20th, 2010 8:32 pm

    “The Lancers, ranked No. 9 in the P-I Super 11, dropped No. 10 Camas 20-3 Friday in a Class 3A state tournament first-round game” from Seattle PI Nov 12 2005

  18. MM fan on November 21st, 2010 12:26 pm

    Attended the MM game Friday. Very exciting win. Got home very late after stopping for celebratory pie and icecream. Got online to check out the Camas game. Reading the twitter feeds was great. Very exciting game down to the wire. Too bad it couldn’t have been Camas with the W. Thanks for all you do Bryan. Very fun to follow gshl football on this site. Great job Camas. Good luck next year.

  19. MM fan on November 21st, 2010 12:46 pm

    Bryan, any video for the MM/Anacortes game?

  20. samson on November 21st, 2010 1:45 pm

    MM Fan, check the top of the home page. It is there.

  21. MM fan on November 21st, 2010 2:26 pm

    It is there. Thanks Samson.

  22. GOGREEN!! on November 21st, 2010 8:47 pm

    All I saw was the highlights and my thought was, if Camas tackled better their at the Dome next weekend .

  23. Bryan Levesque on November 21st, 2010 9:07 pm

    GOGREEN!! – Sometimes that’s easer said then done. Dozier, the Jr. QB for Lakes was offered a scholarship to UW before this year started, he is that good of an athlete.

  24. MeanMachineBleacherCreature on November 21st, 2010 9:39 pm

    Bryan, the whole year the Camas D (especially in the early weeks) was scrutinized for not being great at stopping the run. But i think they did show they are much better than people thought. With that being said, is there any way to find out how many turnovers Camas forced this year? I have a feeling that they had a higher number of turnovers than any other team in the GSHL. Which says a lot about their talent.

    Anyways, if this number is out there somewhere, id love to hear it. Thanks

  25. Touchet on November 21st, 2010 11:44 pm

    Bryan us sports nutts are thankful to have you supply us with a first rate website, any chance we can get the same with basketball, any takers out there. Happy Thanksgiving Bryan. GO BIG NINE.

  26. MM fan on November 21st, 2010 11:52 pm

    Touche’ Touchet. (My oldest son goes to school in Walla Walla now so we go by Touchet on the highway regularly). Basketball is starting next. Would greatly love to see a website similar to this one. Bryan?…….

  27. greatersaint on November 22nd, 2010 4:30 pm

    dozier os gonna run like that he should consider oregon and thier option read offense not washington

  28. GSHL all the way! on November 22nd, 2010 8:41 pm

    greatersaint- To play QUARTERBACK at Oregon, you have to through the ball as well. And when you have what was it.. 3 yards passing in a playoff game, well Oregon in my oppinion is a little unreachable. Great runner though.

  29. greater saint on November 23rd, 2010 1:54 am

    yeah i undserstand that part thats why he shouldnt consider washington becuase their not going to let him run lol he can be like tebow all run and no pass haha

  30. GOGREEN!! on November 23rd, 2010 6:10 am

    Bryan I wasn’t trying to rain on their parade, it was just an observation . I bet that’s what the coach was telling them at half ………

  31. MVHS Athlete on November 23rd, 2010 7:24 am

    They are probly considering him an athlete and they can play him at reciever or running back or QB or corner or where ever they want to. cuz he cannot pass well

  32. Touchet on November 23rd, 2010 9:53 am

    MM fan Walla Walla is aneat town, hope your Son enjoy’;s his stay. Wa-Hi is not even king of the town there it’;s that small private school De Sales they have won numerous I meant numerous state titles in Football and Baseball. Sorry Bryan I know our conversation is not GSHL related but it is football.

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