THE NEXT LEVEL with Andrew Price

March 18, 2009


  • Andrew Price
  • 5’11″ 171 lbs
  • Idaho Vandals
  • Cornerback
  • Scout team player of the week
  • Prairie Falcons (Class of 2007)
  • 2 Year Varsity Letterman
  • Inside Sports Internet Broadcast Athlete of the Week

Who influenced you the most as a High School football player?

I would have to say my parents influenced me the most as a high school football player. My dad and I have a close relationship and both enjoy the sport. Over nine years I think they only missed one or two games. The care and support they’ve shown me over the years has had a major impact on my life on and off the field.

What would you tell young kids entering high school is the most important thing (besides school) they need to do to become an elite level player?

Andrew – I would say the top three things high school guys need to do in order to become an athlete is 1.) Quit the bicep curls and do Olympic lifts 2.) Study the game  3.) Do other sports.

The highlight for me came in the second quarter when Taylor [Bean] threw a screen pass and I took it back 30 yards for a touchdown.

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Andrew – Mat Kearney.

How many different positions did you play from youth football through the end of your HS career? If you could have chosen another position other than cornerback, what would have it been?

Andrew – I think I’ve played every position except tight end and offensive lineman. I’ve played Quarterback, Running Back, and Wide Receiver on offense and Corner, Safety, Linebacker, and Defensive End on defense. If I could have played another position other than cornerback I would have played Running Back. I was recruited by D-III schools to play running back.

What was your most memorable moment playing high school football?

Andrew – Perhaps my most memorable moment playing high school football took place my senior year against Skyview. Everyone expected us to get blown out. Skyview had a great team that year and was one of the top teams in the state. My favorite part about the game was playing with and against guys I’d grown up with. Taylor Bean and I were on the same team in 5th and 6th grade and had stayed in contact throughout the years. The highlight for me came in the second quarter when Taylor threw a screen pass and I took it back 30 yards for a touchdown. That put us up 14-9 against a team that should have destroyed us. Although they ended up winning 24-14, it was still my most memorable game. I’ve never seen district stadium and Prairie students so energetic. People were standing around the track. It was crazy.

battle-ground-gameDid you have any game day/game time rituals in high school? If so, what were they?

Andrew – Yeah, I definitely had a few game day rituals. In the locker room before games, I would visualize how I wanted the game to play out. After that, I would spend a few minutes in prayer. Not praying for victory of course, but for fun, safety for both teams, and to play to honor God.

Explain your recruiting process. How many schools did you visit? Did anything interesting happen during this process?

Andrew – To be honest, I wasn’t heavily recruited. I got a few calls from coaches at Whitworth, Linfield, and Willamette. I almost gave it up once I decided I was going to go to the U of I. I contacted Coach Robb Akey and he offered me a spot on the scout team. It was actually pretty funny because I left Vancouver thinking I was going to get a walk-on tryout. I came into fall camp not knowing if I was actually on the team or not. I kept going back each day and my stuff was still in my locker, so after 2 weeks I figured they liked me enough to keep me around.

During the season I spent around 35-40 hours [per week] doing football related activities.

What was your favorite TV show in high school?

Andrew – Punk’d.

What was your most embarrassing moment playing high school football?

Andrew – Getting crack blocked. Enough said…haha

What was your most memorable moment (so far) playing college football?

Andrew – My most memorable moment was playing in the 2008 Silver and Gold game. It was cool to see my goals and dreams come to reality.

Do you have any game day/game time rituals in college? If so, what were they?

Andrew – More prayer.

andew-idahoWho influenced you the most as a college football player?

Andrew – David Vobora and Tuff Harris. Both are incredible athletes and men of faith.

Explain a typical week during football season with class, practice, game, other time.

Andrew – What most people don’t understand is the amount of time college athletes are required to put into their sports. During the season I spent around 35-40 hours doing football related activities. The hours starters put in easily exceeds 50 hours per week. It’s comparable to a full time job while going to school. I would wake up, eat, go to class, eat, watch film, attend position and team meetings, lift, practice, shower, go home, do homework, do it all over again.

What was your most embarrassing moment playing college football?

Andrew – This one’s not hard to remember. On the first series during the spring game I bit on a hitch and go. Luckily it the guy dropped it and I didn’t get yanked. However, I did get an earful from my teammates and the coaches on the sideline, not my finest moment.

Do you have an iPhone?

Andrew – I just got one actually. I finally got a new phone because the buttons on my Nokia brick stopped working. I had to use a mechanical pencil or a pen cap to text people. Needless to say, my friends made fun of me for it.

mom-and-iWhat is your favorite TV show now?

Andrew – Planet Earth, hands down.

How often do you make it back to Vancouver?

Andrew – Whenever I can.

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