March 28, 2009


  • Mike Peck
  • 6’2″ 195 lbs
  • Whitworth Pirates (Junior)
  • Quarterback
  • 2 Year Varsity Letterman
  • R.A. Long Lumberjacks (Class of 2006)
  • 3 Year Varsity Letterman
  • 1st Team All-League
  • 1st Team TDN All-Area
  • Honorable Mention All-State (Washington Preps)
  • Buck Hammer Award Winner (hardest worker)

What was your most memorable moment playing high school football?

Mike – My most memorable moment in high school was throwing the winning touchdown pass against our rival Mark Morris with just under a minute left my junior year.

Surprisingly I never did play another position besides QB. I was the QB from my first snap in youth until now.

Do you have an iPhone?

Mike – No i don’t. Too expensive while I’m in college.

Did you have any game day/game time rituals in high school? If so, what were they?

Mike – One tradition that I was religious about eating subway before every game. It was a must. I also wore the same shirt under my pads every game. It made me feel like it was game night and time to step it up.

Who influenced you the most as a High School football player?

Mike – I can’t pick just one person. My dad and head football coach Steve Rooklidge but played a huge part in my maturation as a quarterback. Without either one of them, I don’t think I would be playing college football today.

passing-at-ra-longWhat was your most embarrassing moment playing high school football?

Mike – Throwing an interception against Kelso my junior year that got ran back for a TD when we had a sold out crowd of 6,000.

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Mike – I am kind of old school with my music and I really love Journey.

Who influenced you the most as a college football player?

Mike – Again I would have to say my dad and high school football coach. They have both been my mentors all through my football career.

How many different positions did you play from youth football through the end of your HS career? If you could have chosen another position other than QB, what would have it been?

Mike – Surprisingly I never did play another position besides QB. I was the QB from my first snap in youth until now. Although I did play a little defensive back in high school, which I miss.

What was your most embarrassing moment playing college football?

Mike – Throwing a late game interception against a conference rival that ended up as a factor in the loss.

You have to work harder than everybody else all the time

What would you tell young kids entering high school is the most important thing (besides school) they need to do to become an elite level player?

Mike – I would say to set goals and be dedicated in achieving those goals. You have to work harder than everybody else all the time and setting goals is a great way to do that.

What was your most memorable moment (so far) playing college football?

Mike – My most memorable moment so far in college is leading Whitworth to a last minute win in my first start against Chapman.

Do you have any game day/game time rituals in college? If so, what were they?

Mike – I don’t have too many rituals in college. When I wake up I like to watch a little college football on TV. It gets me excited for the day ahead.

Explain a typical week during football season with class, practice, game, other time.

Mike – Monday would be class from about 8-2 and then meetings followed by a short practice and then weights afterwards. Tuesday is the same with class followed by meetings and a full practice, with weights afterwards. Wednesday is same with class and then meetings and practice. Thursday and Friday are the same wtih classes, lifting, and meetings but practices become shorter with more of a walk through theme. Saturday morning I wake up around 8 and go to a walk through and then breakfast. The rest of the day is pregame meetings and just getting mentally prepared. Sunday we have meetings again along with short workouts to get the soreness out.

drop-backXbox, PS3, or Wii? What is your favorite game?

Xbox with madden and Halo. Those are the only two video games I play.

What was your favorite TV show in high school?

Mike – My favorite TV show was sportscenter.

What is your favorite TV show now?

It’s still sportscenter. I could watch it all day.

Compare your relationship with your high school teammates to that of your college teammates. Assuming that you grew up with most of your high school teammates for years prior to playing together with them, and your college teammates came from all over the country.

Mike – I would have to say I was closer with my high school teammates. Like you said we grew up together and the bond we had while on the field was something that would be very hard to match.

Explain your recruiting process. How many schools did you visit? Did anything interesting happen during this process?

Mike – The recruiting process for me was a different one since I wasn’t the prototypical D-1 player. I talked to about every D3 school on the west coast and also some D-2 schools, and junior colleges in California. I had a couple offers to walk on at D-2 schools but somehow I ended up at West Hills Junior College by Fresno, California for my freshman year of football.

east-westDo you prefer Madden or NCAA? Why?

Mike – Even though I play Madden, I actually prefer NCAA. It is something about playing with the college teams that I grew up watching every Saturday.

How much college football do you get to watch during the season? (not counting film sessions)

Mike – Not nearly enough. If it is on during the weekday then I will watch it but other than that, I have to watch the highlights.

How often do you make it back to Longview

Mike – During the season I never can but outside of the season I can usually make it back anytime I want.

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