February 1, 2009


  • Nick Cody
  • 6’5″ 270 lbs
  • Oregon Ducks (RS Freshmen)
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Earned Scout Team Honors
  • Hockinson Hawks (Class of 2008)
  • 4 Year Varsity Letterman
  • 3 Time All-League
  • 2 Time All-Reagon
  • PrepStar All-West Region Selection

What was your most memorable moment playing high school football?

Nick – My most memorable high school football moment had to be playing Woodland my junior year. Woodland came into the game undefeated, and we were at home and had been preparing a special spread 2-minute offense all season and hadn’t used it yet. That week of preparation is still one of the most memorable in my life. I shared the information with my team that Monday that I had found out my father was going to pass away. The rest of the week we worked extremely hard, and the team really bonded and grew together. We came out that Friday night and matched Woodland punch for punch. Near the end of the game, Woodland came back to take the lead with only few minutes left. Our team remained confident, and that next offensive series we came out with our 5 WR Shotgun 2-minute Offense and just caught them off guard. It was one of the best games of my career and really helped put me “on the map” in terms of college recruiting.

My dad has always inspired me because of what a hard worker he was throughout his life, including how hard he battled cancer.

Did you have any game day/game time rituals in high school? If so, what were they?

Nick – I don’t remember what I did before games my freshman and sophomore year. I usually just listened to music, tried to get a little pumped up and vocal in the locker room. My junior year, I just made sure our locker room was quiet, I usually sat at my locker and thought about my dad, and then always taped my wrists and around my gloves and wrote “DAD” on the outside of the tape on my left hand so I would see it throughout the game. My senior year I kept the tape ritual, but I chose to listen to real calm music like reggae and light rock or rap before games and let everyone else do their own thing. In college, I expect to keep the tape ritual, but I don’t know exactly what I’ll do yet. With Autzen Stadium, you get such a rush that I don’t think you need much of a ritual. At this level, you just need to be mentally focused and relaxed and know your game plan. The excitement and the rush takes care of itself.

What was your favorite TV show in high school?

Nick – I didn’t watch TV much in high school because I didn’t like some of the trends at the time, but I always loved NFL Network. I think anything football was really good.

nick-hockinsonWho influenced you the most as a High School football player?

Nick – That’s probably a tie. I was most influenced by my dad and our head coach, Rick Steele. My dad has always inspired me because of what a hard worker he was throughout his life, including how hard he battled cancer. Coach Steele was influential because that’s just the kind of guy he is. He is a really special football coach. He has built the program with his bare hands and the care he has for the youth and the community. I still consider him to be a father figure, and he is one of the people I need to thank most for being where I am today.

How many different positions did you play from youth football through the end of your HS career? If you could have chosen another position other than offensive line (fixed the question for you), what would have it been?

Nick – I started playing flag football as a TE/C and DE. I was a lot taller than most of the kids my age and got passed to a lot. As soon as I started Clark County Youth Football in 4th grade, the weight limit on carrying the ball had me playing offensive and defensive tackle. I really always wanted a chance to play TE or LB, but obviously didn’t get the chance. In 7th grade, I got to play outside LB and defensive end, but always played tackle on offense. From 8th grade until my senior year I played left tackle and defensive end/tackle. I love playing OL in college. I think if I could have been anything else, I still would have been a tight end. I’m happy where I’m at though.

Do you prefer Madden or NCAA? Why?

Nick – NCAA. I haven’t even gotten to play this years Madden though. I think one of our LBs still has my copy.

Explain your recruiting process. How many schools did you visit? Did anything interesting happen during this process?

Nick Cody with Mike Bellotti when he signed to play football for the University of Oregon DucksNick – Oh boy. There’s a lot I could talk about. It was a long process. I started getting some interest and the idea I’d be playing college football when I was a sophomore. Since then, the whole process with talking to coaches, getting my film out there, being featured on websites and rankings, and finally checking out the schools was an amazing experience that I wish more people had the opportunity to have. I had more offers than I could really keep track of. I think by the time signing day came I had about 25-30 total offers. When it came down to it, I know I wanted to stay kind of close to home to be around my family. I checked out most of the Pac-10 schools, some Texas schools, but I realized very early that Oregon was the place for me. You can only take paid official visits during your senior season, and I knew that I did not want to be focusing on making such a big decision my senior year. I really just wanted to focus on my season, so I committed to Oregon in July after I had taken unofficial visits to schools like UW, WSU, Cal, UCLA, Stanford, OSU, etc. The entire process had a lot of highs and lows, but I think my favorite moment may have been my official visit to Oregon when they beat USC on the 1 year anniversery of my dad’s death.

What was your most embarrassing moment playing high school football?

Nick – I know my freshman year in general was pretty embarassing. Looking back on the film, we were awful, and I was pretty bad. I was playing left tackle when I was about 6’4 and 190 lbs. I tried to burry a lot of those memories, especially the details from that 0-8 season. I think the worst was sometime my sophomore year when my mom bleached my away uniform. We had white jerseys with navy numbers and a columbia or light blue streak on the sides that ran from the outside knee to the armpit on our uniforms. When she bleached them, my streak came out a weird gray color. It was fairly embarassing, but it was sort of cool when I look back on it. I really stood out, and teams knew who I was. I never wanted to change my jersey number, and our coach didn’t want to order a whole new uniform, so it became part of the legacy.

I would work on technique for hours and hours in the off season when people thought it was lame or stupid to be doing the drills I was doing.

What was your most memorable moment (so far) playing college football?

Nick – The Pacific Life Holiday Bowl. We spent 5 days in San Diego practicing, going to events for the game, and I was a part of a temendous game where we beat Oklahoma State. It was so much fun, and even though I didn’t play this year it was just an unreal experience to be a part of. To come from the GSHL, where a big road trip was to Steilacoom or Centralia, and goto the Holiday Bowl was just unbelievable. The time we spent like celebrities at the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and at multiple event luncheons was just so much fun. And in the end, it was a fun game that had every single Duck fan going nuts.

Do you have any game day/game time rituals in college? If so, what were they?

Nick – Not yet. We’ll see. I know I will be having a lot of pictures of my dad up around my locker by the time this season rolls around. Like I said though, with Autzen and the amazing fans we have, you don’t need a whole lot of rituals.

n849709170_629266_5256What would you tell young kids entering high school is the most important thing (besides school) they need to do to become an elite level player?

Nick – I was a guy who really relied on putting extra time into everything I did athletically. In basketball, I would shoot hoops after practice for an hour. In football, I would run. I would lift. I would work on technique for hours and hours in the off season when people thought it was lame or stupid to be doing the drills I was doing. I gave myself every advantage I could. That isn’t everyone’s style, but it worked for me. I think it is vital to remember that football is a process. You can always improve and if you have a goal you shouldn’t ever compromise with excuses. Work as hard as you can at your goals, whether its life, football, or school, and enjoy it at the same time.

Who influenced you the most as a college football player?

Nick – Right now, my offensive line coach, Steve Greatwood. He is a tremendous leader and an even more tremendous person and coach. This year Coach Greatwood was named the best offensive line coach in the nation. Throughout the recruiting process I had always held him in high regards because you could just tell that he really knew the game.
n849709170_629266_5256One of my real big early influences that I still hold onto is another GSHL player who went to Oregon- Josh Tschirgi of Skyview HS. He graduated last year and was a 3-year starter at Oregon. He wasn’t known much for his athleticism or his size, but he had the best technique and a great understanding of the game. He helped me get a head start on learning the offense here when I was in high school, and I strive to be very similar to him. I also chose to wear his number when he left, and I’m now proud to wear 61. Even some of the older guys have referred to me as Tschirgi’s Boy or Baby Tschirg. He’s currently trying to utilize his coaching skills and teaching ability at WSU as an assistant, and I think he will one day be a great coach.

It’s real tough to manage your time but we get a lot of help…

Explain a typical week during football season with class, practice, game, other time.

Nick -Fall term is pretty hectic. The great thing with Oregon is that we work on the quarter system, so we don’t even have classes or school until about our 5th game. We get to focus on football for those first few weeks. When school comes in, we have classes or study hall scheduled in the mornings some time between 8-12:50 on Mondays through Fridays. Then we have all kinds of different meetings or lifting sessions between 1:20-3:30. Then we get out to practice. Depending on what day it is, we hit the showers between 5:30 and 7:00. Then we have dinner as a team then call it a night. On Fridays the travel-squad either flies to an away game or stays in the team hotel for home games. They do that to keep an eye on all the players and to have more meetings and meals set up for us. It’s real tough to manage your time but we get a lot of help and usually try to schedule some easier classes.

Do you have an iPhone?

Nick -No. Everyone I know does it seems like. I have a custom Ducked-out LG EnV.

Compare your relationship with your high school teammates to that of your college teammates. Assuming that you grew up with most of your high school teammates for years prior to playing together with them, and your college teammates came from all over the country.

n849709170_713140_9638Nick -It’s definitely a lot different, but Oregon’s team is a lot like a close family. I feel like I’ve grown up with a lot of the guys I play with now. It’s weird meeting people with different perspectives or who have different experiences and backgrounds, but you learn a lot and if you are good at adjusting to the college life it almost isn’t noticable after a few solid weeks. In the end, the bond you have with a teammate at any level is pretty similar. You put in a lot of time together to accomplish some of the same things, and you often rely on each other in order to do that. Your teammates usually become your best friends because you surround yourself with them.

What was your most embarrassing moment playing college football?

Nick -During our preparation for Utah State I had a pretty painful ankle sprain that left me unable to practice for 2 weeks. There was nothing worse or more embarassing than having to watch practice, unable to compete or improve, and it feels really awkward because your teammates and coaches all expect you back pretty soon. Other than that, the older guys really try to embarass freshmen in order to pull them out of their comfort zone and show who they really are, but I’ve always been a pretty outgoing guy, so I never really got embarassed by the pranks or traditions.

I keep in close contact with a few of the [Hockinson] coaches because they are great people and good role-models

Xbox, PS3, or Wii? What is your favorite game?

Nick – I own a PS3 and a Wii and my roommate is getting a 360 pretty soon. I really wish I had more time to play it. I’m a huge fan of Rock Band and Guitar Hero because I’ve always had an interest in music and played a few instruments. I also really like NCAA Football and NBA 2K9. My teammates and I get pretty competitive with those two.

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Nick – Oh boy. I love music. I always have trouble deciding because I am in to so many different genres of music. If I had to just give you a few from some genres, I would say Coheed & Cambria, Lil Wayne, In Flames, The Fall of Troy, Ludacris, The Offspring and Metallica.

What is your favorite TV show now?

Nick – I like House, Monk, and Heroes, but I have to say that NFL Network and ESPN are still my top channels. I think if I had to pick one show it would be Heroes, but seasons 2 and 3 were both pretty disappointing.

nick-cody-hockinson-picHow much college football do you get to watch during the season? (not counting film sessions)

Nick – During season, usually just the big games or teams you were expecting to play. During bowl season I watched almost more bowls than I could stand.

How many of the players/coaches from this years 2A GSHL Champion Hockinson Hawks team to you still keep in contact with?

Nick – I came back to watch our team play La Center and Woodland, and I’ve made sure to really keep in touch with some of the players that have college-level talent or aspirations to be a college player. I still miss a lot of them, and wish I had more time to keep in touch, but I still see what’s up with them on a regular basis or try to see them when I’m back home. I’ve invited a few of them to come down and see some games. I keep in close contact with a few of the coaches because they are great people and good role-models who will always be there for me throughout my career. I was very excited to see them do some things that I never thought their group would accomplish. I still give the coaches and players a hard time because the Spread Wing-T offense they run incorperates a lot of the ideas I was trying to talk Coach Steele into my senior year.

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7 Responses to “THE NEXT LEVEL With Nick Cody”

  1. Josh Tschirgi on February 2nd, 2009 3:03 pm

    Sure is strange to see someone else wear that number. I thought they were going to retire it when I left!! HAHA

  2. Robo on February 4th, 2009 11:17 am

    That number has been good to the ducks, I guess.

  3. scott burckhard on February 8th, 2009 8:06 pm


    Great interview and best of luck. Being a UW graduate, I do not have a lot of love for the Ducks, but I will root for you as I always wish the best for Clark County grads. Keep working hard and I am sure great things will happen for you!

  4. Nick Drew on February 9th, 2009 12:59 pm

    Good luck in the bowl games!!!!!!!!!

  5. Coach Coffing on February 23rd, 2009 3:29 pm

    So Nick, when do you switch your major to Anthropology???
    Miss you dude!

  6. frankie on July 20th, 2010 10:16 pm

    Hey Bryan, when are you gonna bring back “the next level” and do more interviews?

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